"When I think of God’s love, I become overwhelmed with passion and happiness. Our God is amazing and I’m forever grateful that He saved me"

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Just stop and forget everything else going on. Put every distraction aside and place yourself in His presence.

Just come before Him and rest your heart in Him.

Delight in Him.

Abide in His love.

It’s not about anything but what happens between your heart and His. Nothing else matters.

Hear how He rejoices over you.

Set yourself apart for even just a moment with Him.

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It is so much easier to be attracted to someone than it is to be in love with someone.

Attraction comes and goes, it demands no obligation for you to stay loyal.

Love… Love requires two people to daily make the choice to be devoted to each other. To push one another to the cross because they know attraction will flee, they know that passion will be absent because that is what happens sometimes. Love, like joy, is not an emotion, it is endurance of future attraction, future passion. Love is the anchor that must keep us rooted in the storms, it is not the wind or the end goal, it is simply a tool that Christ gave to us the moment we were born.

Do not misuse love, do not mistake attraction for love. Because when it really matters and you are in desperate need of an anchor, using anything other than what is needed will end up with you sinking your ship.

Know love before you profess love.


- T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via blissfulbeardsdoitbest)

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"Sometimes God lets you hit rock bottom so that you will discover that He is the rock at the bottom."

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"A woman who fears the Lord will not run away from God to satisfy her longings and relieve her anxieties. She will wait for the Lord. She will hope in God. She will stay close to the heart of God and trust in His promises. The prospect of departing into the way of sin will be too fearful to pursue; and the benefits of abiding in the shadow of the Almighty too glorious to forsake."

- John Piper (via kvtes)

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idk man there’s just something really flattering about people who acknowledge your existence even when you’re not with them

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may you pick up your tea when it’s exactly the right temperature, and may you happen to glance out the window when the light is just how you like it.

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"Worship is not for tomorrow, or later, or Sunday, or Saturday, or in a couple of weeks. Worship is for now. The purpose of your life is to worship."

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